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Scaling and Root Planning

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Scaling and Root planning are recommended for patients with bone loss resulting in a space between bone and gum tissue (referred to as a pocket). This results in the accumulation of plaque and tartar below the gum tissue and can lead to more bone loss. Use of power and hand instruments are used to remove the build-up, followed by careful smoothening of the root surface to prevent future build-up and accumulation of plaque/tartar. It is important to emphasize that this is not cleaning but rather therapy to prevent the progression of periodontal disease.

Scaling (Deep cleaning) will help eliminate the formation of plaque and tartar below your gum tissue, which can lead to tooth loss. We recommend scaling routinely to protect your smile.

Schedule your scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) appointment at Dr. Al Attar’s office, and your teeth will be healthy in no time!

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